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    As daily life becomes more hectic, more people are taking up tapestry. It feels pretty good making something out of nothing, watching your creative efforts grow stitch by stitch. After being an interior designer in London for 10 years, my new aim is to create contemporary, lighthearted needlepoints for people to cherish & decorate their home with.

    I love the hectic pace of London life & traveling round the world, but Im also equally happy dreaming in the countryside stitching a tapestry in front of a murder mystery. I love the old fashioned principle of making something myself that is high quality, hand crafted and to be loved for many years.

    I do everything myself. Therefore I can ensure my product is designed, made and packaged with the greatest care & attention using the highest quality, natural materials. So whether you are a beginner or an experienced stitcher, please come have a go…