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    Blooming Marvellous

    For different sized cushions, like Revolution and Blooming Marvellous, I use www.thefeathercompany.com .  I always get a cushion pad bigger than the canvas, this is because I like cushions to be really plum.  So for example, for the 50 x 50cm maps I get a 60 x 60cm cushion pad.

    I stock a variety of linen and velvet backing fabrics, which are cut to size for the different size canvases.

    I backed my Revolution with the Designers Guild Black Velvet, it looks gorgeous, and I used the black pom pom trim, we have a wide selection of coloured trims which would look great.  

    I backed my Blooming Marvellous with the Designers Guild Amber Velvet, with the butter yellow pom pom trim.

    For You Make Me Daisy I chose the Grannie Smith Green velvet.