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    Recommended Frames

    For plastic canvases I recommend the following frames:


    Number 7

    Ikea Lerboda gold colour frame £4 - 16 x 16cm item no. 604.709.36

    Ikea Lerboda dark grey frame £4 - 16 x 16cm item no. 804.432.73

    Ikea Lerboda pink frame £4 - 16 x 16cm item no. 905.030.06

    Ikea Gallboda silver £6 16 x 16cm item no.  704.712.90

    Boxalls acrylic 6 x 8 inch photo frame. With additional 8 x 3 mm magnets placed in each corner to fill the thickness of the tapestry.

    Kikkerland Set of 3 photo hangers £14.50

    Hobbycraft Black or White Deep Box Frame 15 x 15cm 6cm

    Hobbycraft Grey Shadow Box Frame 18 x 18cm £6

    Hobbycraft White Shadow Box Frame 18 x 18cm £6, also come in black.

    If you don't want to put any nails in the wall, there are lots of magnetic hooks out there.



     Small Wooden Natural Easel 10 x 16cm. £3

    Small Wooden White Easel 10 x 16cm. £3 

     Large Wooden Natural Easel 19 x 25cm. £4

     Large Wooden White Easel 19 x 25cm. £4

    BD Art 9 x 9 inch shadow box frame with 5 x 5 inch opening. Comes in white, black and oak. £10.95

    All maps I recommend you use a local framer. I leave a good centimetre of plain canvas showing before starting the frame. No mount, no glass. Frame above is 2cm wide and 4 cm deep.

    If you have any other framing suggestions, I'd love to hear, it's really helpful!